The worldwide Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has people scrambling to protect themselves, their homes and their businesses from potential contamination. Our Coronavirus Decontamination and Disinfection Team is dedicated to providing a rapid emergency response so you can have peace of mind during this outbreak. We have adopted proven industry standards to safely and quickly disinfect surfaces contaminated by the Coronavirus. We use EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectants. These are effective against a host of dangerous pathogens, including the Coronavirus, and can be applied to almost any surface. We are proud to be your partner and help keep you, your family and workplaces clean and productive and your customers and employees safer during this unprecedented time.

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dustless blasting

CMC Management uses our Dustless Blaster DB800 to remove what is left of the old coatings, leaving a smooth, clean surface that is ready to be made new again. We specialize in cleaning commercial equipment, automotive restoration, graffiti removal, fleet maintenance and marine maintenance. 

Custom Plasma Cutting

With our EZ Cut CNC plasma cutting table we are able to create fantastic products and components for our customers. Whether the product is a one-off prototype or a production run of hundreds of pieces we are able to cut them with precision.

Steel Fabrication

From industrial crane support systems to entire facility additions we can build it. Our talented and certified welders can fabricate and install almost any type of structure from steel. We are also able to utilize our relationships with our suppliers to get our clients the most economical solution possible for their next project.

Process Piping

Our company has the ability and know-how to add, replace, or maintain any type of process piping needed in our clients' facilities. Whether used for fluid or gas transfer our skilled team can handle your process piping needs.


Light to Heavy

Whether the project calls for a small truckload or fifty tons of scrap material to be removed we can get the job done. Our crew has the skill and the access to any type of heavy machinery needed for a fast and efficient salvage job.

Process Machinery

Repair, Transport, and Installation

Our company prides itself on being one of the very few contractors capable of self performing all the trades required for a successful installation. Whether it is one machine or a complete line installation we have the crew to do it. Self performing all trades necessary allows us to respond rapidly to our customers needs and deal with any issues that may occur.


Dry vans, flatbed and step deck for machinery and equipment hauling.