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At CMC Management, staying in contact with our customers is our number one priority. Our office hours are from 8:00am to 4:30pm Eastern Time, Monday- Friday, however we work around the clock to provide same day response to our customers.
For inquiries, please contact us directly. Our directory is as follows:

CMC Management Office: (937) 778-8560

Owner: Howard Roberson: (937) 214-0795  or (937)-778-8560 (Call for Disinfecting/Decontamination)

For Sales: Gene Hill: (937) 214-0300

For our Office Manager / Trucking: Morgan McConnaughey : (937) 778-8560 or (937)-570-6783

For Plasma Cutting /Dustless Blasting: Tyson Dienstberger: (937) 778-8560 or (419)-615-2978

You may also Fax your request at (937) 778-8561 or email us at

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